Honoring DLSZ Authors and Editors

Books published and edited by members of the DLSZ faculty and staff were exhibited at the High School Learning Resource Center last November 13,2012 as part of the National Book Week Celebration with the theme “Libraries: Effects on Society”.


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In order to honor the works of the participating DLSZ partners, a month-long exhibit was held in the High School library. The said exhibit was the culmination of a year-long project by the DLSZ Archives which aimed to have a collection of books published by the DLSZ faculty and staff.

Among the participants were:

1. Ms. Jasmin Iris F. Sallegue
2. Ms. Nena Chavez
3. Mr. Tomas U. Oandasan
4. Mr. Cicero T. Cortel
5. Ms. Victoria L. Honrada
6. Ms. Mariko Ishizuka Camacho
7. Mr. Leopoldo F. Sumera Jr.
8. Ms.Ruby R. Natividad
9. Ms. Genevieve Arizala-Pillar
10. Ms. Evelyn M. Agcaoili
11. Ms. Wilma N. Roldan
12. Ms. Ma. Eloisa C. Pangan
13. Ms. Janette Biares – Torrato
14. Ms. Rosalyn Caisip – Chavez
15. Ms. Carolina Reyes – Tamayo
16. Ms. Winona Yapit – Diola
17. Mr. Darius E. Regis
18. Ms. Debbe Kate M. Salvo
19. Ms. Ginaline Pañe – David
20. Ms. Ruby Pasimanero -Ramos
21. Ms. Ma. Cheryl Villapando – Casimiro
22. Ms. Joyce R. Calica
23. Ms. Michelle R. Miramonte
24. Ms. Jeena Christiansen J. Tolosa
The said authors and editors were also awarded with simple tokens of appreciation during a program last December 5, 2012.