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” iBLOG: A Library Blog Contest for High School Students” Theme: ” Why I LOVE My Library “

” iBLOG: A Library Blog Contest for High School Students” Theme: ” Why I LOVE My Library “

Learning Resource Center
Alabang, Muntinlupa City

“iBLOG : A Library Blog Contest for High School Students”

Theme: “Why I Love my Library”
1. This contest is open to all High School students of DLSZ.
2. In a blog post, tell us “Why I Love my Library” You can use
• Photos
• Videos
• or anything you like! The more creative, the better!
3. Mechanics:
• No amount of words needed
• Must be placed on a Blogging Site
4. Criteria: How to win:
Content and Substance – 40%
Creativity – 30%
Relevance to the theme – 30%
5. Entries should be submitted to and should include the following information:
● A subject heading of “iBLOG”
● contest entry URL
● Full name, section, mobile number, and e-mail address
6. The deadline for the submission of entries is on November 15, 2012 (Friday). All entries will be posted at DLSZ LRC Website and Facebook
7. A panel of judges will select the winners during the week following the contest’s end. List of winners will be posted at the DLSZ LRC Website and Facebook and Bulletin board.

For more details, visit the High School Learning Resource Center and look for Ms. Rhoda

National Book Week Celebration: November 12-15, 2013

National Book Week Celebration: November 12-15, 2013

Theme:”Libraries : Preservers and Promoters of Culture and Arts” 

November 12-15, 2013

II. Program and Activities:

1. Theme Based Essay Writing Contest

There will be an essay writing contest which will be based on the theme “Libraries: Preservers and Promoters of Culture and Arts” which will be open to all Grade 8 students. Students are encourage to show their writing prowess as they explore how libraries preserve and promote culture and arts. The essay should not exceed 1000 words.

2. Poetry Writing Contest

In coordination with the moderator of Poetry Guild, its members are invited to join the contest. This is to showcase their creativity in the form of a poem. The poem should be anything about reading, books and literacy.

3. Book Fair 2013

The Fair is an exciting way to promote reading, books and lifelong learning among our students. The exhibitors will set up a four day book fair at the following venues: Multipurpose Hall for Lower Grades and St. La Salle Courtyard for Upper Grades and High School. The proceeds of the fair will go to the Center’s projects: Bookmobile and Adopt A Library.

4. Book Talk by Filipino Author ( Meet and Greet )

In coordination with the coordinators of Book Writing and Readers Circle, a talk will be hosted by the LRC to motivate students in order to foster good reading, writing and speaking skills by encouraging self directed learning through reading.

5. Functional Art Contest

In coordination with the Art teacher, the senior level will work on a three dimensional functional art. Specifications: 75% recycled/ found objects; 15% other stuff (size, height, width, length maximum of 6 inches). Only one pair per class is allowed.

6. Filipino Authors Exhibits

The LRC will set up an exhibits in front of the iNook featuring Filipino author’s life and works. Viewers will have a chance to know more the life and works of their local favourite authors.

7. DEAR Day

DEAR stands for Drop Everything And Read. DEAR Day is a special reading day celebration to remind and encourage the lower grades students to make reading a habit. The scheduled time will be coordinated to the advisers concerned. Thus, during the sessions, students may borrow and enjoy reading through book patrol.

8. iBook Talk

iBook is a quick video version by librarians, students and teachers in elementary through high school to entice others to read a particular book. The Readers Circle and Green Bloggers Club will be invited to participate to this particular activity. The best videos can be viewed during the National Book Week celebration at the lower grades and upper grades LRC virtual bulletin board.

9. Digital Storytelling

With the advent of technology, students are encourage to create storytelling in digital format. In coordination with the Bibliophiles’ moderator, the students will create a digital storytelling of their chosen story. Students will use a rubric to guide them in the said project.

10. Comic Illustration

With the proliferation of comic books which are highly popular with the students, LRC will invite a comic illustrator to give insights on how a comic book is created. Students will also experience illustrating a comic book during the event.

11. Comic Reading

There’s a certain nostalgia to reading comic books and flipping the pages. Comics can be good entertainment for our students to think more creatively, to think more deeply and to talk more gently. The invited comic illustrator will read and discuss the material with the participants with the emphasis of the good value of comic reading.

12. Philippine Coffee Table Books

The LRC will set up display of Coffee Table Books in each libraries of DLSZ. The books to be exhibited will be about the Philippines. Library users can browse anytime during their break periods since they are aimed at anyone who might pick the book up for a light read.

13. Film Showing

Target participants of this activity will be the members of Sinesuri, Asian Film Critic and iDream Club. Students will extend their abilities to view effectively in a variety of situations for a variety of purposes:

 View attentively and analytically

 To understand and gather information, to form an opinion, enjoy and appreciate

 Value viewing as a means of learning and enjoyment

Ms. Rhodora E- Valdez nominated as one of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2013

Ms. Rhodora E- Valdez nominated as one of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2013

librarianTop 10 Emerging Influential blogs 2013: Definitely Librarian: Find out the reasons why bloggers voted for a librarian.

The Digital Influencer’s Marketing Summit was held last September 21, 2013 at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia ,Pasay City.Definitely Librarian.With the new media today it’s important that we do not forget our libraries. Be the information is in traditional books and online, we should  be able to keep a library of our collection for future use of the next generation.If you were born night before the age of internet then perhaps  this blog is a good read for you but of course this is not the typical librarian,old school but this one uses Social Media. Get to learn more and know more with the story of its author at

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