Library Policies


Students may borrow a maximum of ten (10) books at a time, except for:
Junior Prep   – one (1) book
Senior Prep   – two (2) books
Grade 1        – five (5) books

The maximum number of days that a book can be borrowed is seven (7) days only. Any book may be renewed or extended provided no one else reserved it.

The computer will automatically block borrowers who exceed the maximum number of books borrowed and those with standing fines.  In this case, the borrower is again requested to settle first their account at the Circulation Counter to avoid inconvenience.

Back issues of loose periodicals may be borrowed for weekend home use only and can be checked out on Fridays at 4:00 P.M. Borrowers should fill out the logbook at the Circulation Counter.  However, the periodical should be in the library the next school day to give others chance to read it.


1. Check with the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) to see if the book/ materials is available in the library.
2. Present to the LRC staff at the Circulation Counter a validated school I.D. together with the books / materials to be borrowed or returned.
3. The Circulation Staff checks if the borrowed or returned book(s) / materials is/are in good condition.
4. For every transaction, the Circulation Staff issues a receipt to the borrower.
5. Return the books/materials in good condition, on or before the indicated due date.


A lost book/material while on loan must be reported immediately to the LRC staff at the Circulation Counter. It may be settled either by paying the determined value including processing charges or replacing it with the same title, author and publication.  A borrower who is able to retrieve or recover a lost book shall be given a refund. However, refunds will only be valid for one year.

Library materials damaged beyond the normal depreciation must be replaced with the same title plus processing charges or be paid the value determined by the Technical Services Librarian. Missing pages in any borrowed library material must be reported immediately to the Circulation Counter staff.


A borrowed print or non-print material is considered Overdue if it is not returned on the due date.

If the book(s) is/are overdue, the following are the procedures for the payment of fines :
1.  Pay the fine at the Accounting Office.
2. A transaction receipt is issued to the borrower after payment is made.
3. Present the official receipt to the Circulation Counter

Reminder : All borrowers are responsible for the books / materials checked out under their names


Fine is the payment for an overdue material.

Materials returned late are subject to overdue fines. Sundays and holidays are excluded from the computation.

GENERAL CIRCULATION                      Php1.00 per day
RESERVED BOOKS / PERIODICALS        Php1.00 per hour


Issuance of overdue notices will be done every term. With this, the librarian and staff must thoroughly check the material in the shelves. Please be reminded that all overdue notices are courtesy reminders only.