National Children’s Book Week

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) will be celebrating the 30th National Children’s Book Week from
July 15-19,2013 with the Theme: “Basa,mga Kapatid”

Program and Activities

1. Book Character Parade/Cosplay Costume
Books Characters come alive!One of the highlights of thiscelebration is the annual parade
of pupils in their favorite book character costume. This year’sparade will be participated in
by the Pre-kinder and Kinder pupils.

2. Book Fairs
Books, books and a lot of children’s books!Fully Booked will set up a five day book fair activity
at the following venues: Multi-Purpose Hall for the Lower Grades; and CPA Lobby for UpperGrades
and High School.Proceeds of this activity will go to the Adopt-a Library project of the LRC.

3. Stone Printing
There will be Stone Printing (A print lifting and image transferring process) where kids can lift
and transfer printed images from comics,brochures,magazines, etc.This is Open to all Grade 6 Students
4. Crystal Lamination
An art demonstration will be conducted where students will learn how to compose a collage art
which will incorporate pictures,print cutouts,drawings,stickers,etc.This will be participated
in by Grade 7 Students.
5. Finger Puppet Making
Pupils will learn how a finger puppet is made.Actual puppet making sessions
will be given per class.Pupils will also be taught basic finger puppetry techniques.A Finger
Puppet show will also be presented.This will be participated in by Grade 4 Students
6. Book Spine Poetry
It is a poem contest with a twist .Pupils will compose poems using 3-7 spines of books stacked
one on top of the other to create a free verse poem .Using their MLD’s participants will take
a photo of their work.Submission of entries will be thru email.This will be participated in by
Grade 5 Students.
7. Catch the Theme
Catch the national children’s book week celebration theme thru a picture!photos may be taken
during the book fair or at the library. Open to all Lower/Upper Grades Students.

8.Story Telling
Relive some of the well -loved children’s stories! Students will be treaated with different
storytelling sessions by some country’s top story tellers. This will be participated in by Grades 1&2
9.Trivia Games
An on-the-spot trivia questions will be posted at the Book Fair Venues.Special
prizes await pupils who will give the correct answer. Open to all Lower/Upper Grades Students.
10.Poster Making Contest
Based on this year’s theme “Basa, mga Kapatid”,a poster making
contest will be conducted among the Lower Grades students. This activity aims to
highlight the artistic talent of the pupils from the lower grades.This will be participated in by
Grade 3 Students.

WATCH,CONNECT and READ Join the Celebration!!!